Eating Local 02/22/2010
As the name suggests, Your Local Chef is dedicated to promoting foods from the local vicinity. Living in Toronto provides access to fantastic products from across southern Ontario and beyond.

As I write this, my mouth is watering at the thought of this province's delicious variety of heritage breed meats. The dedicated farmers growing a renewed harvest of heirloom varieties. The fruit of Niagara. The wild bounty of our province's North. And, of course, the many artisans producing incredible food products. The cheeses of Fifth Town and Monforte. The wines of Prince Edward County.

But why this devotion to all things 'local'?

I believe that fresh tastes great. The closer to home its grown the fresher it's going to be. That means it's going to be closer to its peak, taste better, retain more nutrients and even last longer in your fridge or pantry.

I also believe that the environment benefits. Local, seasonal products don't trod the carbon footprint of products trucked or flown across oceans or the continent. Demand for locally-grown products might even help save some of the region's precious fertile farmland being turned for development.

Then there is the fact money spent on local products keeps dollars in the local economy.

Starting meal-planning with a focus on local products also demands an understanding of seasons. The natural cycle that effects all things, including the food we eat. This thought process fosters creativity, sensitivity. A sense of our place as consumers in the greater food cycle.

I could go on.
First Post! 02/22/2010
Welcome to my new blog. The aim in this space is to show busy families easy ways to eat great local foods. As a father of three young eaters, I believe in the importance of introducing a wide range of foods from as early as possible.

I'm going to be using this space to share great tips for new parents eager to feed their families food they can believe in.